Seam sealing tapes, also known as weldable seam tapes or membranes are made of 100% polyurethane and have as their main objective the sealing of seams, giving a high protection to water and temperature, especially against the cold. This tape is placed on the seam, then melted and glued under heat. These tapes are OEKO-TEX class I certified.

It is often used to heat outdoor sports articles (eg. jackets), but also in fashion and haute couture articles because of the appearance it gives to the part where it is applied.

Socorte markets the references T501-White Bias, T502-Transparent Right with 90 microns (for light / medium fabrics) and T504-Transparent Right with 120 microns (for medium / full fabrics), width 19.5 mm and 200 meters. The minimum quantity to order is 1 roll.

Seam Sealing Tape


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