Socorte´s reference F629 is a 100% polyester satin fabric, and is OEKO-TEX class I certified. This product offers a smooth and shiny appearence on its front side, giving an exquisite touch to the productions in which it is applied.

When transformed into bias ribbons, this article gains characteristics of flexibility and mobility to facilitate its application in confection, namely to be able to follow curves and other type of formats more efficiently. 

Reference F629 tapes are available in 55 different colours. It is also available as Raw colour that is Prepared for Dye (PPT). These ribbons may be supplied in multiple sizes and constructions: as a plain or simple tape, biasband, folded, piping and/or incorporated in confection of other technical tapes.

In addition to the shadecard colours that we normally have permanently available in stock, it is possible to develop specific colours according with customer requirements, assuming minimum consuptions of about 800 meters of fabric, that can be sold as fabric and/or converted into ribbons.

These tapes are usually marketed on rolls with 60 to 80 meters of tape. The minimum order quantity is of 9 square meters per color and width. As an example, 9 sqm represent 225 meters converted in a simple tape with 40mm. Quantities delivered will also vary depending on the size of each product roll. 1.120 meters will be delivered on a 1.000 meter order if each roll is 140 meters.

Among many other possible applications, this article is usually used in the confection of clothing, home textiles, textile accessories or in various decorations. 

Polyester-Satin Biasband