Nonwoven spunbond fabric or sheet is marketed as Socorte´s reference F421, available in 100% polypropilene composition. The weight of this quality is approximately 80g/m2, offering a significative resistance to its sheet and to its ribbons, being unlikely to tear and to shred. This product is OEKO-TEX Class I certified, tested and valid for white and black colours.

This product is not built by a traditional loom as it is constructed through a process of binding of the fibers of the polymer through chemical, mechanical and thermal processes. As a result, we obtain an economical sheet and a porous, biodegradable and semi-permable material that facilitates its use.

The F421 sheets and ribbons are available in 12 different colours and are normally available in 125 meter rolls. The ribbons can be supplied in multiple sizes and constructions. The minimum order quantity is 1 roll with a width equal to or greater than 80 millimeters, 300 meters in tape between 10 to 80 millimeters, and 1,000 meters in tape widths of less than 10 millimeters. It is also often sought for use in full piece with a width of 1600 mm.

Given the versatility of this article, its application is carried out in several industries such as:

- advertising and graphic arts: being an easy item to cut, sew and print, this is increasingly a material chosen for use in promotional items such as gift bags that can be stamped with personalized designs and logos;

- packaging: used as wrapping paper or ribbon ties;

- clothing, footwear and household textiles: incorporated into garments or other textile accessories such as bags and leather goods;

- health: it sterile, soft-touch and dermatologically neutral properties make this article attractive for use in gowns, masks or toilet caps;

- car: to line banks or other coated components;

- agriculture: used as a barrier against frost, anti-insecticide and UV protection, greenhouse effect and temperature regulation;

- bedspreads: interwoven component in mattresses and sofas;

- home: used as tablecloths on festive occasions;

- craftsmanship and decoration: the value for money, color and ease of handling of this material makes it popular for numerous applications.

Nonwoven Spunbond