Socorte´s reference F684 is an article whose composition includes Lurex, Viscose and Polyamide. Lurex, also known as lamê, is a type of fabric built with metallic yarns that give it the shiny and metallic appearance that makes possible effects such as gold or silver.

When transformed into bias ribbons, this article gains characteristics of flexibility and mobility to facilitate its application in confection, namely to be able to follow curves and other type of formats more efficiently. 

Reference F684 bias binding is available in gold and silver and are supplied in multiple sizes and constructions: as a plain or simple tape, biasband, folded, piping and/or incorporated in confection of other technical tapes. 

These tapes are usually marketed on rolls with 30 to 75 meters of tape. The minimum order quantity is 1 roll. It can also be supplied in straight fabric at 1 meter width.

As an alternative or addition to this article, we suggest our printed cotton biasband collection, that may be relevant to give different efects in confection. This is a popular product near hollidays such as christmas.

Lurex Bias Binding