Interlinings designate an article that is commonly used between two layers of fabric, and are suited for numerous industries namely textile and garment confection. Interlinings play an important role ensuring support, shape, reinforcement, stabilization and performance of the piece where it is applied, giving it improved quality and appearance. They also reduce the propensity of a fabric to shred into threads when it is cutted or buttonholed.

Socorte works with a wide range of interlinings of various weights and compositions. There are nonwoven or woven interlinings, with or without glue, with or without filaments. Some are just glue (they are the source for fusible hemming tape or "magic tape" also known as "tex iron" or "bondaweb"), others are bulky, while others serve as embroidery stabilizers.

Interlinings may be used in full width rolls, converted to straight or bias tapes or to more specific technical tapes such as perforated bands, invisible seam bands, reinforced fused and sewn tapes, among others.

In addition to the previously designated products, Socorte offers experience and tradition to incorporate these articles into other composite technical bands such as waistband, ribbons for hats, reinforced bands, among other solutions developed according with customer requirements.