This product of industrial textile reuse is the result of an initiative of environmental responsibility of Socorte with the purpose of reutilization of the textile resources coming from small wastes that are inevitable in our operation, namely in the transformation of articles in bias.

There are two types of output waste formats resulting from our transformation processes:

- Patchwork Small pieces of fabric in varying sizes, qualities and colors (see photo below); 

Strips Bands of fabric without lateral finishing, in measures, qualities and variable colors (see photo below);

The variety and diversity of materials make this product suitable for a myriad of applications such as creativity challenges, craftwork, fillers, haberdashery, cleaning cloths, file tying tapes, among many others. The imagination is the limit. By promoting the use of these products we are increasing the efficiency in the consumption of raw materials and consequently minimizing to the maximum the necessity of the conventional treatment of garbage and emission of gases.

The TAPR reference is marketed in variable weight bags with a minimum of 3kg.

Note: At no time are proprietary materials and proprietary standards used by our customers incorporated into this product.

Patchwork example

Aproveitamentos Retalhos TAPR

Strips example

Aproveitamentos Tiras TAPR