Socorte provides Hook and Loop Fasteners, commonly known as "Velcro", through references T207 (sew application), T208 (fire retardant sew application), T209 (adhesive application) or T210 (adhesive coins) in 100% Polyamide, material that offers the best performance. T207 and T209 ribbons are OEKO-TEX class I certified.

Hook and Loop designation describes the way the product works: there are two different parts, one is rough - the hook or male - and the other is soft - loop or female. They attach through contact and can be separated with a simple movement causing a characteristic noise. These ribbons have high durability, versatility and applicability.

TheT207 tapes are available in 25 different colours, in different widths (16/20/25/30/38/50 and 100 millimeters). T209 is available in different widths black and white while T210 is available in black and white with 20 milimeters, each 25 meter roll takes around 1080 coins.

These products are sold in 25 meter rolls. Although they can be provided separately (only hook or only loop), Socorte may require purchase of both parts together in specific colours and widths.

Hook and Loop Fasteners