Socorte provides Hook and Loop Fasteners, commonly known as "Velcro", through references T207 (sew application) or T209 (adhesive application) in 100% Polyamide, material that offers the best performance. T207 ribbons are OEKO-TEX class I certified.

Hook and Loop designation describes the way the product works: there are two different parts, one is rough - the hook or male - and the other is soft - loop or female. They attach through contact and can be separated with a simple movement causing a characteristic noise. These ribbons have high durability, versatility and applicability.

These tapes are available in 21 different colours, in different widths (16/20/25/30/38/50 and 100 millimeters). This product is sold in 25 meter rolls, and minimum order quantity is 1 roll. Although they can be provided separately (only hook or only loop), Socorte may require purchase of both parts together in specific colours and widths.

Hook and Loop Fasteners