1979 - Company founded on May 9 by Manuel Teixeira Miranda, and begins to work in the Industrial Zone of Oporto, at Rua Eng. Ezequiel Campos. It all started with a cutting machine, with which started the gradual and sustained growth of the business.

1987 - With the expansion of the business, the space became insufficient, and the warehouse was acquired in Leça da Palmeira (Veloso Salgado Street), working in both locations simultaneously.

1988 - The process of computerization of the company starts. Since then Socorte developed its own systems customized to the requirements of the business, and has since been at the forefront in the management of its processes with technological integration.

1991 - The recognized quality of the work developed at national level leads to the conquest of international clients and partnerships. The international market is beginning to grow and represent an increasingly important part of the work and revenues.

1995 - The need to unify people and processes led to the acquisition of a new warehouse in the Industrial Zone of Oporto, at Rua Delfim Ferreira, consolidating here all the activity of the company that was fragmented. This place is today where the headquarters and the productive center of the company are located.

2006 - The first institutional website for Socorte is created, which gives corporate presence on the web. Can be consulted here.

2013 - The acquisition and incorporation of the company competitor Texreps Portuguesa - Produtos Têxteis, Lda, owned until then by a Swedish group. With this purchase, Socorte increases its offer of products and services, and increasingly assumes itself as a global supplier of textile tapes and accessories.

2015 - Texreps Portuguesa changes its name to Metro ao Quadrado and implements a new image to reinforce its position as a reference supplier of textile products in the national and international markets. The Metro ao Quadrado brand was also created, a project that will later give rise to the online retail store (www.m2textil.com).

2016 - A new website is launched.