Socorte offers two high-quality 100% polyester woven grosgrain ribbons, both OEKO-TEX class I certified. These tapes are characterized by its ribbed appearance formed by its fine stripes. They offer smooth texture, they are also resistant and versatile, making it easy not only to apply in other pieces through sewing methods, but also used for laces, ties or adornments.

While the T523 quality is intended for industrial consumption, the T609 quality is available in retail reels.

T523 tapes are developed and produced exclusively according with colors and widths desired by the customer up to 100 milimeters. The minimum order quantity to produce is 100 meters per width per color. This article is popularly chosen as a tape to be applied in the inner rim of hats, for fusing reflective strips in its center, in the manufacture of clothing, textile accessories, medals or packagins.

On the other hand, T609 tapes are available in 26 colours and in different widths (15, 25 or 35 millimeters). Each roll normally takes 20 or 25 meters and the minimum order quantity is 100 meters. Among other uses, this product is popularly chosen for haberdashedry, garment arrangements, stylists or in manual and craft work.

Grosgrain Ribbons

Grosgrain Ribbons