The creasing operation creates a ribbon that is folded through heat and pressure for an easier application into the product where it is sewn. Sometimes it is performed to reduce the ribbon propensity to shred into threads.

It may be executed in several configurations, sizes, materials and colors - in Socorte or customer´s raw material. According with our figures C, configurations include folding in half (C4), on both sides (C1 ou C2) or into more complex designs. 

Some possible configurations are shown below:

C1 - on both sides (apart): 38/20; 45/25;

C2 - on both sides (together): 26/13; 36/18; 40/20;

C3 - on one side: 27/19;

C4 - in half: 25/12,5; 30/15;

C5 - in one half and in half: 60/30/20;

C6 - on one side and in half: 42/15;

C7 - on both sides and in half: 100/80/40;

(millimeters before fold / millimeters after fold)

Other developments through request.

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