Socorte produces, markets and uses in its productions (in piping confection) various qualities and diameters of rigid or elastic cords made of raw or dyed yarns in cotton, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, elastomer, metallized and its mixtures. 

These cords are mostly sold as a textile accessory in continum in reels or in bags with varying quantities, and can also be segmented with application of tips for the most diverse purposes of use in industries such as textile and clothing, footwear or bag handles. They can have a myriad of possible applications like in sports articles, bags, curtains, mattresses, or even as laces.

The cords can be developed customized to customer requirements, and are also available in standard basic qualities such as:

- Twisted yarns in 100% cotton as reference T600 in raw, white or black with 1, 2 or 3mm diameter;

- Braided cord in 100% polyester as reference T601 in custom diameters and colors;

- Braided cord in 100% cotton as reference T602 in custom diameters and colors;

- Injected cord in transparent PVC as reference T603 in custom diameters;

- Elastic cords in references T174 (compact elastic) or T176 (soft for masks) and offer elasticity that allows to stretch and follow external actions, returning later to its initial shape.

References T601, T602, T174 and T176 are OEKO-TEX Class I certified. Customized cords may also be covered by this certification,

The minimum industrial quantities for these products vary with the quality and diameter of the cord.