Socorte produces, markets and uses various qualities of cord made of polyester or cotton yarn. These strands are used for filling in confection (ex: piping/passepoil confection) or are marketed as a textile accessory in variable quantity spools. They can have a myriad of possible applications like in sports articles, bags, curtains, mattresses, or even as laces

These cords are available in T601 White-Natural references of 1.8 millimeters in diameter in 100% polyester or in ref. T602 in white or raw to 3 / 3.5 / 4.5 and 6mm in diameter in 100% cotton. Both references offer tubular construction, which makes the cord appear evenly along its length. These references - T601 and T602 - are OEKO-TEX Class I certified.

Mecha 100% cotton strings are also available from reference TMEC. This product offers a twisted yarn construction that offers a relevant and economical option for filling, although not as regular as the previous strands. This wick is available in raw, white or black in widths of 1/2 or 3 millimeters in diameter. It is marketed to the kilogram.

The minimum order quantity is 1 bobbin, regardless of its color, quality or diameter.