Reference TLT produced by Socorte, known as a armhole tape, cavity tape or lizier tape, is a narrow woven trimming with 2 millimeters width. It is built in 100% polyester and is OEKO-TEX class I certified. 

This is an extremely thin, sturdy and versatile tape that is usually sewn directly into the armhole of coats and blazers with reinforcing function to their seams. It is also usually supplied incorporated sewn onto interlinings with glue so that it can be subsequently applied under heat / transfer. This product also serves to hang objects of diverse nature namely pieces of clothing or labels, or even to tie and tie in numerous applications. It can also be used as an instrument for the execution of three-dimensional modeling techniques such as moulage or draping.

The TLT ribbon can be supplied in black (000) or natural-white (089) in reels of 500 or 1,500 meters. Special conditions apply in the acquisition of complete boxes with 30 reels of 500 meters, or 15 reels of 1,500 meters.

Narrow Ribbon